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Rewards Program for Salon and Spa

  • Super easy for clients to join

  • Is fun and engaging

  • Is eco-friendly (no plastic cards)

  • Keeps clients coming back

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Beauty salon loyalty program and points messages

Top rated salon rewards program for beauty industry

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I was skeptical about whether I want a rewards program in my salon because of all hassle having one, but Alex and his team proved it otherwise. We love the system because it’s easy to use, our clients love it because it’s easy to join, personal and no physical cards are required.
Kate Briley, founder Kate & Beauty

Salon Rewards Program that Actually Works!

Super Easy to Join

Say goodbye to fill-in forms and collecting personal information manually!

Retain Clients

Rewards, gifts & surprizes are one of the strongest reasons for clients to stick with businesses.

Message Clients

A salon rewards program that lives inside personal conversation between your clients and your brand.

Trusted by the worlds most innovative businesses

Loyalty programs increase clients retention

97% of your clients want you to have a salon rewards program!

Independent studies show that loyalty and rewards programs increase average ticket size. Rewards programs help to retain more customers by increasing switching costs.

Salon and Spa Loyalty Program

Convert Anyone Who Sends a Message to a Loyal Client

Full featured multi-tier points based salon and spa loyalty program that works in your Facebook page.

Clients collect rewards points in Facebook Messenger
Rewards, gifts, coupons and vouchers part of Messenger based salon and spa rewards program

Smart Coupons

Coupons, Gifts and Surprizes

Win back lapsed clients, send birthday congratulations and surprizes loaded with beautiful coupons and gifts. Let our Machine Learning algorithm decide what to offer to whom!

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Referral Program

Get Lots of Referrals

Grow your sales with easy-to-use referral program! Reward your clients for referrals automatically!
Dramatically boost word-of-mouth marketing in Facebook Messenger.

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Referral program in Facebook Messenger

"RetentionForce is better than any other platform we've tried"

John Sarkissian, founder of AESTHETICA

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That's exactly how much steps your clients need to do to join the rewards program!

Salon and Spa membership cards and rewards program in Facebook Messenger

Client sends any message to your Facebook page

Invite clients to join loyalty program by sending SMS

You invite clients by SMS with a special link

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Rewards Program is Just the Beginning!

Get More Reviews

Become the obvious choice on Google search, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor. Generate up to 5x more reviews automatically!

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Measure Staff Performance

Confidentially measure the performance of each specialist. Identify top performers and encourage professional growth!

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Collect Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback in real-time, measure Net Promoter Score (NPS). Improve customer experience. Resolve complaints quickly!

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Engage With Clients Using Smart Automations

Never miss any occasion, celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, 10th visit and many more using very personal and automatic messages.

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