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Frequently Asked Questions

How easy it is to set up an account?

It's quick and easy! Right after registering a free account you will have preconfigured and beautiful Referral and Reward Programs with tiers, virtual membership cards and percentages all based on the best practices and designed by our team of experts so you don't have to do any complicated calculation.

Can I use RetentionForce with my existing scheduling app?

Sure! RetentionForce can be used alongside any salon management software. Let us know which software you use so we can help you with deeper integration.

How do I turn my clients into members?

Becoming a member is very easy! Your clients will just need to start a conversation with your Facebook page, we will gather the client's name, gender, picture and other public information automatically so you don't have to fill in anything. Also clients will be prompted to provide phone and birthdate upon registration.

Can I change the plan later?

Absolutely! You will be able to upgrade or downgrade your current plan anytime. Please note that when downgrading some features you might be using will be deactivated.

What if a client doesn't have a Facebook account?

No worries! It's possible to install the Messenger application without having a Facebook account. Alternatively you can create an "offline" account for your client manually and so they can benefit from collecting points.

Do I need to have a Facebook Page for my business?

Yes please! RetentionForce will need to connect to your business's Facebook Page and all communication, including messages about collected rewards, feedback requests, referrals, reviews requests, re-booking reminders and many other activities with your customers will happen there.

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