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Marketing Automation for Beauty Salons & Spa!

  • Set it, Forget it automations

  • Remind when it's time to book again

  • Win back lapsed clients with coupons and gift

  • Never forget clients' birthdays

  • Remain personal for all of your clients

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Marketing Automation for Salons & Spa

Top rated solution for beauty industry

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Due to the ease of RetentionForce marketing tools, we always stay on top of the mind and receive massive rebookings!
Amanda Palmer, hairstylist & owner Palmer's Glow

Grow Salon Sales with Set it Forget it Marketing Automation!

Send Follow Up Reminders

Send automatic follow-up reminders to refresh their haircut, nails or anything else.

Win Back Lapsed Clients

Send personalized messages with small gifts to win clients back.

Send Congratulations

Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, 10th visit, 5th referred client and many more!

Trusted by the worlds most innovative businesses

Win back lapsed clients by sending personalized gifts to win back

Repeat Visits

Bring up to 50% of lapsed clients back

Remind, surprize and call back lapsed clients. Send small gifts your clients will love automatically!

Smart followups

Automatic Rebooking Reminders

Make the client's next visit a breeze with a nice follow up reminder based on the their preferences.

Automatic rebooking reminders and follow-ups
Rewards, gifts, coupons and vouchers part of Messenger based salon and spa rewards program


Smart Coupons and Gifts

Send gift coupons on birthdays, anniversaries and 25 other events automatically.

Messenger Marketing

Effective Broadcast Marketing at Your Disposal

It's similar to SMS marketing but comes with beautiful images, GIFs, buttons and clickable call-to-actions.

"RetentionForce is better than any other platform we've tried"

John Sarkissian, founder of AESTHETICA

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get started with FREE tools, upgrade as you grow

Marketing Automation is just the beginning!

Keep Clients Coming Back

Reward clients loyalty, send coupons and gifts. Set automatic rebooking reminders, rescue lost customers.

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Get More Referrals

Make client referrals fun and easy. Boost word of mouth marketing.

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Collect Customer Feedback

Collect customer feedback in real-time, measure Net Promoter Score (NPS). Improve customer experience. Resolve complaints quickly!

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Get More Reviews

Become the obvious choice on Google search, Facebook, Yelp or TripAdvisor. Generate up to 5x more reviews automatically!

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