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RetentionForce integration with Fresha.com

Loyalty, Referrals, Reviews, Customer Feedback and more.

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Diclaimer: This page represents information about RetentionForce software integration with Fresha.com software using Google Chrome extension. RetentionForce is an independent company and product. RetentionForce is not a partner or affiliate of Fresha.com SV Ltd or any of its subsidaries.

Salon Marketing Platform

Accelerate growth with a full suite of solutions for customer reviews,
loyalty, referrals, customer feedback and more.

Loyalty and Rewards

The Most Advanced Loyalty and Rewards Program

Flexible multi-tier points based salon and spa loyalty program.

Interactive and Fun

Clients check their balance in the Messenger and receive a message after the checkout.

Easy to Join and No Downloads

Client receive an invitation SMS after checkout in Fresha

Digital and 100% White Labeled

No cards, no plastic. Works in the Facebook page of your business.


No additional steps to do, no training required, integration with Fresha using Google Chrome Extension.

Clients collect rewards points in Facebook Messenger
Prevent negative reviews by collecting honest customer feedback and addressing it on time

Customer Feedback

Collect Honest Customer Feedback in Real-time

Resolve issues before they go public. Convert unhappy clients to advocates. Improve clients' satisfaction.

Easy & Fun

Single tap questions in the Facebook chat with your clients, processed automatically.

Leverage Power of GIFS

Boost emotional engagement with your brand using GIF expressions.

Prevent Negative Public Reviews

Learn about negative experience in advance and resolve issues quickly.

Smart Follow Ups

Follow up questions sent only when needed. Learn about what should be improved.


Leverage Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Clients refer friends with a single click and without leaving the Messenger. Referring a friend has never been so fun and easy.

Share with Friends

Clients share an invitation with their facebook friends in the Messenger, to as many as they like.

Automatic Tracking

Don't worry about tracking who refers whom, rewards sent automatically on clients' visits.


Reward clients for referrals with the same or different amounts.

Clients refer friends by sending personal gifts from their personal accounts
Get reviews on Yelp, Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor

Online Reviews

Become #1 Choice on Yelp, Google & Facebook

Collect reviews on popular platforms. Build your online reputation on platforms your clients trust and love.

Automatic Collection

Whenever client is happy ask to leave a review on your favourite platform. Make it easy


Kindly and automatically remind clients to review and ask if they did it.


Set rewards for each successful review. Verify each with easy to use dashboard.

Integrate in 3 Easy Steps

Step #1

Register Account for Free

Fast and easy setup with your Facebook account

Step #2

Setup Chrome Extension

Add to Chrome with a single click and enter RetentionForce API token.

Step #3

Add "Points" Payment Type

Once added, refresh the screen, the button will become blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should my clients signup for RetentionForce?

No. Your clients will never know about existance of RetentionForce. In order to signup they will be redirected to your Facebook page and have a chat.

How can my clients check their points balance?

Your clients will be able to check their balance in your Facebook page in the Messenger app using special Membership that will be added automatically once you sign up.

Do I need to have Fresha plus membership?

No! RetentionForce loyalty, rewards, customer reviews and feedback and the rest works with any Fresha account regardless whether it's plus or no

How clients join the loyalty program?

Right after the checkout clients receive an SMS with a link to your Facebook page. Once they open the link they become a member, it's super easy.

Should I add Points payment type in Fresha settings?

Yes please! After adding the payment type "Points" you will see it in the checkout screen in Fresha

How much does the RetentionForce cost?

You can start using RetentionForce loyalty program completelly free of charge. The free plan is for up to 50 loyalty checkout per month and includes everything that's available in paid plans. For more monthly loyalty checkout credits please check our Pricing page

Should my staff do any extra steps?

Absolutely no! All happens automatically and there is no need even for training receptionist. The only thing is to use Points payment type when clients want to redeem points

Can I use Fresha on any device or it should be just Google Chrome?

Checkouts will work only if made using Google Chrome with extension installed. Mobile and tablet apps can be used for anything else, but checkouts. This is technically the only currently available option.

How RetentionForce identify clients?

RetentionForce extracts clients' phone numbers from Fresha when you do checkout. It's important that clients phone numbers are filled in.

How do I redeem accumulated points of the client?

To redeem you simply click Points button in the checkout screen as a payment type (like Cash, Card etc.). It will automatically redeem accumulated points.

Where can I configure the loyalty program?

In the RetentionForce dashboard. After sign up the default loyalty program will be generated, but you are free to modify anything, number of tiers, names, points worth and so on.

What is a Loyalty Checkout

A loyalty checkout credit is a checkout of your loyalty program member. When you do a checkout with Fresha of a client with a phone number, by default it will count as one loyalty checkout. All other checkouts of walk-ins, clients without phone number are not counted.

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