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Fresha integration with RetentionForce: A Step by Step Guide (VIDEO)

Integrate your Fresha.com account with RetentionForce marketing suite with this step-by-step easy to follow guide.

Alexander Adamyan

Nov 20, 2020 · 4 min read

Fresha integration with RetentionForce

Fresha.com is one of the best appointment management software available. That's why when we started building our integrations library, we decided to start with Fresha.

In this guide I will show you how to connect your RetentionForce and Fresha accounts. The integration will help you to

  • Implement the most advanced Loyalty and Rewards program along with Referrals, Customer Reviews, Feedback and other tools in your current business.
  • Eliminate double data entries in case if you are already using this both systems.
  • Make things work automatically without ever changing your workflow.
  • And because of the previous point, do that without even having to train your staff.

The whole setup will take about 2 to 3 minutes and is fairy easy. Please follow the steps.

Watch This Step by Step Video


Before your start, please make sure you have following in place

Step 1. Install Chrome Extension

Important note: For the integration to work correctly you should always do your Fresha checkouts in the Chrome browser. Clients will not collect points and other rewards if you checkout them in for example Fresha mobile app. This is because integration works as a Google Chrome Extension.

🟠 Installing RetentionForce Chrome Extension is easy, just follow the link below

🟠 And click Add to Chrome button.

You should see a small magnet icon on the right side of the address bar. If you don't click the puzzle icon and pin RetentionForce.

Step 2. Authorize Chrome Extension

🟠 Open your RetentionForce account and navigate to Settings -> API Access

🟠 Copy the access token.

🟠 Click on the small magnet icon on the right side of the address bar in the Chrome browser. A small popup will appear like in the screenshot below. Paste copied access token and click Save button.

RetentionForce Chrome extension popup menu

Step 3. Add "Points" Payment Type in Fresha

🟠 Open your Fresha account and navigate to Setup -> Point of Sale -> Payment Types

🟠 Click New Payment Type button and type Points in the name field (case sensitive!)

Add Points Payment Type in Fresha

Step 4. Test

🟠 Refresh your Fresha window.
🟠 Now create a test appointment and as a client select yourself. Make sure your phone number is filled in.

🟠 Start the Checkout process.

If you did the step correctly you should see something similar to the screenshot below.

RetentionForce integrated into the Fresha checkout process

Now when you checkout you should see a notification on the right upper corner that points were collected successfully. At this point client will receive a text message with a special link to your Facebook page in the Messenger.

Note: The newly added Points button will be in blue - that means RetentionForce extension found the button.

Note: The Points button will show available cash equivalent of the points current client has. For new clients it will be 0 as they don't have any points yet.

Note: For new clients you will see "Consent checkbox" this should be checked if the client has aggreed to join the Loyalty Program.

That's all :)


I don't see the small magnet icon on the right of my Chrome browser address bar

It is possible that after installing the extension it needs to be pinned. Click on the puzzle icon, find the RetentionForce and click the pin icon.

After the checkout I see an error message

Please check that the access token was pasted correctly. Click on the small magnet icon near the address bar, click Sign out, paste the token and click Save, refresh the Fresha page and try again

Client doesn't receive anything after the checkout

Make sure the client's phone number is filled in correctly. RetentionForce will work only for clients who has their phone numbers in the Fresha.


Written by

Alexander Adamyan

Alexander is a serial entrepreneur, co-founder at RetentionForce, Simply Technologies, a beauty salon OD Blow Dry Bar, and other ventures. His expertise ranges from business software development, conversational marketing and business automation.