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10 Types of Salon Clients | Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?

How to build the right salon and spa clientele. Do you know who is your ideal salon customer is?

Hrachuhi Arakelyan

Mar 15, 2020 · 6 min read

types of salon clients

Marketers often speak about segmentation and target audiences. But what do those terms really mean? Well, think about your customers. Who are they? If you know them well enough (and even if you don’t), by analyzing their data and their behavior patterns, you will see that they can fall into some broad categories and fit particular profiles.

Why does it matter? Well, because the better you know your customers, the better you can communicate with them in ways that will resonate. This makes creating customized offers and deals that will appeal to them much easier and make your marketing more successful.

Knowledge is power.

Let’s take a look at some common profiles — do any of these fit your customers?

1. 👼 The Perfect Ones

These are your regulars. They love their time with you and tell all their friends and family about how great you are. They try new treatments and services and you know each other so well, know everyone by name and stop for a chat at the front desk as they are coming in and when they are leaving. You know they will be back at the same time next month for their next appointment. These are the group who should be your first call for being part of your referral program. If they tell everyone how great you are, why not reward them for it? They get a thank-you from you for spreading the word and will feel they are giving their friends an insider tip-off about the best salon in the area. Imagine how their referring to another 10 people like them could transform your business!

2. 🗺 The Explorers

These are the new customers, who make a point of telling you what a great experience they had. These customers are just begging to become those elusive Perfect Ones — all it takes is for you to make sure they come back, by showing them something new and keeping in touch regularly. These clients are great to upsell deluxe versions of their regular treatment to or to show them your complimentary services. Make sure they sign up for your salon loyalty program before they leave, encourage them to leave a review and keep them regularly informed of all your latest offers.

3. 💁 The Hard to Please Ones

The music was too loud, the result wasn’t a million dollars, the waiting area didn’t have the coffee they liked, and the water wasn’t hot enough. Every salon has them, but rather than dreading them, try embracing them! Their feedback could be vital. If you can turn around a client like this, you know you’re onto a good thing. People like this are primed and ready to be delighted if you show that you’re listening and want to do give them what they are asking for. These customers may force you to raise the bar, but that can have a great benefit all round, not just with them. If you can get it right with these customers, you can get it right with anyone.

4. 👻 The Peekaboo Ones

They don’t come often, but they do come regularly and you know they aren’t going elsewhere. They are loyal but infrequent. What could make them come more often? Show them your new services and encourage them with booking reminders and special deals and coupons to get them in to see you more frequently. Automated salon software are best for dealing with these kinds of customers.

5. 💰 The Value Seekers

They want the best, but they want great value too. How best to reach them? Offer them a coupon for their reviews and/or feedback! Target them with special offers during quiet times of the year and get them in with value-conscious package offers. It’s important to recognize that there will always be these customers and they will never take up your full-price offers, however much you push. So, work with them and give them an offer (or two) they can’t refuse. These are also great targets if you have a sale of retail products — send them a coupon for an extra % off and see them come flooding in.

6. 🏄 The Thrill Seekers

They love all things new and shiny. These are the perfect customers to bring through the door with a special offer on the latest treatment. By keeping your services updated, the thrill-seekers always have the perfect excuse to pay you a visit. Use their willingness to try new things by offering them rewards for reviewing the services. And be creative — if you don’t have a new service coming, instead think about how you can repackage an old one — come up with a bundle deal or a new name for an existing service that is looking a little tired.

7. 🎧 The Ambient Ones

These are the customers for whom the little details matter. You know they will be through the door at least 10 minutes before their appointment, to take full advantage of the complimentary coffee, and settle down with the latest magazine in the most comfortable chair in the waiting area. They want their ‘me’ time to be perfect. Of course, they come for great service too, but these are the ones who feel your place is their personal oasis of calm. If you really want to wow them, have their favorite coffee waiting, their favorite tunes playing and their choice of magazines already laid out for them. These types of clients are also ripe for being part of a salon referral program.

8. ⏰ The ‘Can't-Wait’ Ones

Yes, they are impatient but try not to take it personally. It’s easy to get irritated by their belief that their time is somehow more important than everybody else’s and their curt approach, but the trick is to realize that it isn’t personal, and actually, if you keep them happy, they are the least bother to have in the salon, as they won’t slow anyone up with small talk or wanting an extra coffee. They are like this with everyone. Just be prepared for their visit by making sure their therapist doesn’t keep them waiting, and you have their bill ready to be paid the minute their appointment is over. Keep them happy and you’ll escape a bad review. Keep them hanging around and it might not be so pretty.

9. 😖 The Unhappy Ones

Sometimes, people just aren’t happy with the service that they have received. Most of the time, as we explained in this earlier article, it’s a question of their expectations not being met by reality. These are the ones who need you to work with them to turn a negative into a positive (or at least not the catastrophe they believe it to be). If you’re able to turn these ones around, nine times out of ten, you will see them evolve into a Perfect One, before your very eyes. They just need to see you care.

10. 🖥 The Nerdy Ones

They don’t want an appointment reminder card or a stamp collection loyalty card. Paper is *so *last century. They live their best lives online and are glued to their social media during their treatment if they can be. They want to book online, arrange their appointment with your salon chatbot, not a human, and they want to pay online or using their mobile wallet. If you’re feeling brave, have them livestream their treatment to their adoring followers, or encourage them to post an Instagram story while they are with you — what great free PR! They need a digital loyalty rewards program, a text reminder service and the opportunity to connect on social media.

These are our ten, but maybe you have others? Take a deep dive into your salon management software and see if you can start working out who is who. You’ll likely find that some people fit more than one profile. Data can be divided in many ways, so find your own segments and see what a difference it can make by tailoring your messages to them, giving them the kind of deals and promotions that they want, in a format that they will respond to.

And while you’re doing that, ask yourself the question — which sort of customer are you???

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Written by

Hrachuhi Arakelyan

Co-Founder/Customer Happiness Manager at RetentionForce