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Turn Your Salon and Spa Visitors to Customers for Life

  • Make 30% more revenue on average

  • Become #1 choice on Yelp, Facebook....

  • Have 4x more referrals on average

  • Never forget clients' birthdays

  • Win back up to 50% of lapsed clients

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Top rated solution for beauty industry

Grow Your Salon and Spa Business

Attract New Clients

Get more referrals, reviews and attract new clients with promotional campaings.

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Retain & Engage Clients

Reward client's loyalty, send automatic reminders, engage with marketing automation and promotions.

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Collect Honest Feedback

Collect timely and honest feedback, resolve complaints quickly, measure staff performance.

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Reward client's loyalty!

Convert 96% of visitors to lifetime clients. No app, no plastic cards, good for the planet and takes seconds to signup.

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Loyalty program for salons and spa that works in the Messenger and Instagram
Automatically send gifts and congratulations to salon and spa clients using Messenger and Instagram


Effective salon marketing

Send reminders, follow-ups and congratulations, win back lapsed clients. Send coupons and gifts. More than 25 "set it, forget it" automations!

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Generate word of mouth

Clients refer friends and get rewards with a single click. Works automatically

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Referral program that works in the Facebook Messenger and Instagram for salons and spas
Collect customer feedback and insights directly from the conversations between client and salon

Customer Feedback

Improve service quality

Collect honest feedback in real-time after each visit! Deliver high quality services every time. Measure staff performance effectivelly.

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Become #1 choice

Collect up to 5x more 5-star reviews on Yelp, Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor.

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Get more 5 star reviews from your clients by automatically asking happy ones to do so

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Let the Results Speak for Themselves. Seriously!

"Now we have very detailed information about our clients in one place. They literally love receiving rewards and it just makes them smile. I’m obsessed with the analytics and insights it provides. Can’t recommend this system highly enough!"

Patricia and Vladimir, founders at Paty Beauty Hall

"The system allows us to communicate with all of our clients, reward their loyalty and collect feedback using a channel that everybody should be using. It has a very friendly user interface. I’d also like to mention a very helpful and lovely support team"

Karina, founder at haze

"I was skeptical about whether I want a salon rewards program in my salon because of all hassle having one, but Alex and his team proved it otherwise. We love the system because it’s easy to use, our clients love it because it’s easy to join, personal and no physical cards are required."

Kate Briley, founder at Kate & Beauty

"Very effective and easy to use. User-friendly, multi-functional, great database and very fast customer support."

Ashot P, co-founder at Thai Home

"Due to the ease of RetentionForce marketing tools, we always stay on top of the mind and receive massive rebookings!"

Amanda Palmer, hairstylist & owner at Palmer's Glow

"Our previous referral program was lagging with only 9 clients in a whole year. With RetentionForce we got 47 referrals within the first two months, and all tracking done automatically, it’s incredible!"

H. Arakelyan, salon owner at OD Blow Dry Bar

"RetentionForce is better than any other platform we've tried."

John S, founder at AESTHETICA

Trusted by the world’s most innovative businesses

Available on the most popular messaging platforms

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