Turn Your Beauty Salon Visitors to Customers for Life

Build loyalty on emotional level. Reward repeat clients. Collect feedback and maintain personal conversation with each customer on scale.

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Rewards program that actually works!

Drives Loyalty

Reward loyalty
Re-booking reminders
Customer appreciations
Messenger Marketing

Attracts New Customers

Friend referrals
Google/Yelp reviews
Facebook/TripAdvisor reviews
Promo signup

Boosts Satisfaction

Collect customer feedback
Manage complains
Prevent bad reviews
Track staff performance

Over 1280 happy businesses from 5 countries use RetentionForce and serving over 1.8M customers

Let the Results Speak for Themselves. Seriously!




Our customers report increased revenue of 30% trough repeat clients.




Our customers on average get 10X more referrals from their existing clients.

Why RetentionForce?


Reward Your Loyal Clients!

Convert visitors to lifetime members in seconds without any extra app. Reward customer's loyalty. No physical or wallet cards required.

The easiest and the most engaging Reward program! Convert anyone who sends you a message to loyal member!


Save Time on Your Salon Marketing

Increases the efficiency of your marketing with set and forget automations! Send surprize gifts, congratulate birthdays and anniversaries, win back lost customers and send rebooking reminders that are personal and engaging.

A big collection of recipes. Our Machine Learning algorithm knows what to offer to whom!


Generate Word of Mouth

Smart and super easy referral program that encourages clients to refer friends and get rewards in seconds. Everything's done automatically so you don't need to track anything!

Every 1 of 2 customers refer friends. Dramatically boost word-of-mouth marketing!

Customer Feedback

Improve Service Quality

Collect honest customer feedback in real-time and after each visit! Maintain consistent and high quality service every time.

Put your customer feedback on autopilot and track your staff individual performance.

Social Reviews

Build Your Brand's Reputation

Convert you happy clients to advocates. Spread the word about your salon and SPA in the platforms like Yelp, Facebook, Google and TripAdvisor.

We know the right moment and right clients to ask for genuine social reviews.

Ready to turn visitors to your advocates?

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